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Medication Refill Request



In our ongoing effort to make your pet's health care as convenient and easy as possible, you can now request a refill for your pet's prescription by submitting the following form. Please be sure to fill in all the requested information. The prescription refill must be approved by a doctor.

We will notify you via email or phone when your pet's prescription is approved and ready to be picked up. We will also inform you of the total cost of the prescription, and will request a credit card number by phone at that time.  If you would prefer to have a written prescription, please mention this in the additional information area. 



Medication Refill Request

Medication Refill Requests are processed within 48 hours, or 2 full business days. Compounded medications are special order items and will take longer than 2 days in most cases. If you need your pet's medication sooner than that, please call the office at (603)742-1203
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